I think by now some of you reading this would have a generic idea that I like taking photos. I just wanted to start this series of blog posts on my website to let you guys have a deeper insight into my life and really whatever bullshit that I want to post (bear with me ☺). I plan to also do recounts of my travels and maybe answer some questions that I get ever so often on instagram about editing techniques, shooting techniques, gear and what not so stay tuned for that. But for the first post, lets start with an introduction of myself.


I was born and raised in Singapore.

I will turn 23 years old in August.

I am currently waiting to start university in August 2017.

No I am not a professional photographer.

I have been taking photography seriously for about a year and a half now. I will get into how I started photography on another post in the near future.

I love watching movies.

I love listening to music, especially EDM.

I wanted to be a DJ before I started photography.

I love playing sports. (Sadly not very often anymore)

I love travelling and adventure.

I hate waking up early. (Probably why there are not a lot of sunrise posts on my feed)

I hate the heat and humidity in Singapore.

I was a combat engineer specialist in the Air Force during my national service.

I have a soft spot for shoes and I own close to 20 pairs of footwear now.

My favourite cuisine is probably Japanese.

Ok, so you get the rough idea of what sort of person I am.

With that I will conclude my first mini entry. Pay close attention to my Instagram stories as I will update my stories whenever I have a new blog post. You can also DM me on instagram or via the “contact” tab on my website if you have any recommendations on what you would like to see me blog about!

Until then, I will see you in the next one.

Mamba out.